Thursday, November 29, 2007

Doin' the Dailies

Shortly after reaching 70, both Essy and Deressy ran their prequels and, alongside a core group of regulars, started running daily quests. Skettis, then Og'rila, anything they could do to increase the bank account (leveling two toons to 70 nearly simultaneously makes that epic flying mount a bit daunting). A week ago, with about 6000g among all the *Essys, a tough decision had to be made. Buy the epic training for Deressy so she could start the 17-step quest chain for epic flight form, or send the money to Essy so she could immediately start using it, herbing & questing her way as quickly as possible to another 5000g. Essy won out. Having unlocked the Netherwing Dailies and making herbing much more efficient seemed a better path. Now we're back to running dailies, dailies and more dailies...and then doing it all over again on Deressy. Along with all of this, we are in the hunt for some serious upgrades for Essy and some key upgrades for Der.

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