Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bye Bye FLK!

We are now 5/6 in SSC (and 3/4 in TK). Vashj and Kael are the only ones that have escaped our wrath!

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Blogger Aertimus said...

Thanks for looking me up! I made some comments on my blog about general healer turn over and why. We simply don't keep people in the guild (or just don't allow them to raid) who's healing and gear isn't keeping up with the bulk of the healers in the guild. Sometimes this means telling people with new jobs or kids that they can't raid with us anymore, which can suck. I do a 3 week probationary period with any new healers, and have more than once told them at the end of 3 weeks that it just isn't working and they need to go. And I ask people to leave/kick them if their attendance falls way lower than the average. We have a healer chat channel we use, and keep it serious during raids, as well as a healer forum where we have threads for most difficult to heal bosses. So lots of communication. And then I guess there is the so obvious it could be over looked, we have a healing officer. All I do is deal with our healers and how we are going to heal fights. And I over see all 4 healing classes. I think some raid leaders think healing will just happen, but we know we need someone to coordinate it for most bosses. Any other specific issues you are having? On specific bosses or anything?

May 31, 2008 5:54 PM  

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