Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another Kara Run

I went to Kara with my new guild Asgard on Hunzul last night. No, I didn't get any purple drops. Most of them were healing or leather. The Beastmaw Pauldrons dropped again in the Opera event. I already had them. Another hunter took them. This time we got Oz. Oz was much easier this time I think since we had a warlock to fear the lion (Roar). So far for the opera event I have only gotten Oz and the Big Bad Wolf. On this first night of Kara we got through Attumen, Moroes, and Maiden. We will start up again on Friday.

I didn't draw aggro and cause a wipe this time at all. I was a bit nervous, so I would make sure the tank got a few sunders on the target before sending in my pet and attacking.

Deressy was very happy this night as she got three drops. She got the Ruby Slippers from The Crone, Idol of Avian Heart from Moroes, and the Shard of the Virtuous from the Maiden of Virtue.

Next time I am planning to bring a different pet though. One of the other hunters there has the exact same cat model. It makes it a bit hard to tell whether my cat is out attacking or not. I think I'll bring my battle-chicken.

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