Monday, January 28, 2008

Humor in WoW

I was sitting here thinking of what to blog about...I seem to put a lot of posts up of raiding. But there are so many things that happen daily and much of it is hilarious. How much will be funny to you? Excellent question. Here are a few of my favorite moments in WoW (in no particular order):

1. Raid on Silvermoon - my friend Coco invited me along with her guild (the now-defunct Fate) to raid Silvermoon. I brought *zul and our pally tank, Lup. There were about 40-50 Alliance and wow! What fun!

2. Raiding on Coffee - a couple of weeks ago, our warlock/pally decided to make coffee for the raid. We raid on Friday nights. It was *extremely* obvious when the coffee kicked in. He went from " it's time to move on to the next boss." to "Well,ICAN'TBELIEVEWEJUSTDIDTHAT!OMGTHATWASFUN!LET'SDO
MORE!PRINCE!COFFEECOFFEECOFFEE!" *zul even went out and bought him some Black Coffee for the next raid.

3. Bye bye Imp - this one is rather recent and one of my favorites! So, we were fighting Maiden - two druid healers and the pally tank in his healing gear to dispel the Holy Fire she does. Our warrior off-tank was tanking Maiden. People call our their names when they've been Holy Fired so the pally knows who to focus on. All of the sudden, Tom, our warlock cries "SHE HOLY FIRED MY IMP!!" There were a lot of laughs and Lup said "I'll dispel". Of course, it was MUCH too late - holy fire on an imp means instant death, pretty much. But hey, at least that was one less *player* that got holy fired! I wonder...what if we all brought out our non-combat pets...? Nawwww...

4. Pukefest in Lower City - I'm sure many of you have done this quest before... It's an extremely LONG quest chain that starts with The Hand of Gul'dan. Somewhere late in the chain, you have to go find a Rotten Arakoa Egg and take it to Tobias in lower city, who promptly eats it. Here's the result:

5. Running Black Morass with a Pally Tank - the picture says it all!