Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Stealthin' Who?!

Welcome to the home of the Stealthin' *Essys (no relation to the Swirlin' Eddies). The Stealthin' *Essys (and their distant cousins, the younger, Gee-I-Can't-Stealth-ZOMG *Essys) are residents of Runetotem and have been since their birth at the end of June, 2007 (Essy) and mid-July 2007 (Deressy) and beyond (the cousins). Who are the *Essys, you might wonder? After nearly a year of watching the *Zuls wander around Azeroth & later, the Outlands, it seemed high time for Essy to make the jump from BZFlag. Seeing as how the rogue was Essy's favorite in BZFlag, it seemed fitting to begin her career in Teldrassil as a rogue. Essy was also terribly excited to have discovered that part of her new jumping ability as a Nightelf rogue included some really cool flipping abilities.

Essy started her leveling with Terzul (yes, a Nightelf hunter of *zul fame) and continued with him basically until they were finished with Bloodmyst Isle. At that point, Terzul stepped back in favor of Hunzul, a dwarf hunter. Essy was terribly disappointed to have to hang out with the exceptionally short Hunzul...that is, until she discovered he made an excellent obstacle to jump (and flip) over (and over and over and over...all the way to 70 and beyond).

A month or two after Essy's inception, Deressy suddenly emerged in Tedrassil... a Nightelf druid, Deressy was doomed to level alone - mostly without the assistance or companionship of any *zul. Despite this odd circumstance and Essy's rapid march to 70 (she hit 70 in September), Deressy was hot on her heels, leveling all the way to 70 as a resto spec about a week or two after Essy made it. She made lots of friends along the way and spent a good bit of time with guildmates (from Kiss of the Bodhisattva), among others.

We'll spend a little time talking about history and the cousins, as they slowly grow up, but a good bit of this space will be focussed on the Stealthin' Essys and their current and future exploits.

Welcome and enjoy your stay here.