Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Late Night WoW

After reading both a WoW Insider article and Amanna's article on Adventures in Azeroth, I was reminded of a recent bit of late-night playing I did.

It was late Monday night/Tuesday morning and I was wasting time before having to run to the airport and catch my plane. I could have gone to sleep, I suppose, but I was afraid I'd oversleep, so I was puttering around on WoW instead. Essy had run Mech, Arc and a short piece of Bot. As she was stumbling out of Bot and thinking of a bit of grinding, a friend, Darcey, asked for a healer to fill in at Black Morass - apparently, their second healer was an abyssmal failure (not sure how their first had been).

So off went Essy; Deressy logged in and got an immediate invite and summon. A quick look at the clock and we realized we were going to be racing to finish before the server shutdown.

The tank was a druid I'd never met, Deidlet. I'd played with a couple of the others before (we had some epic HH runs together). And so, the race began. It's amazing how much easier BM is now that I've gotten my +healing up from +730 to around +1350 or so.

Sadly, although we did fairly well, we did *not* manage to beat the clock...the server shut down shortly after we finished wave 12 (2nd boss) of BM. Luckily, the goal was rep and drops rather than someone trying to get attuned.

On a side note, I was thrilled to see Deidlet had joined my guild a few days later.



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