Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Netherspite and Illhoof Down

Last night we had our clean up run of Kara for the week. This time we cleared Prince, Illhoof and Netherspite. Netherspite and Illhoof were firsts for us! Woo Hoo! I think I did pretty well. Only pulled inadvertently thus wiping us once.

Prince is often just a matter of luck as to where the infernals drop. We had a good luck on the third try.

When you do Illhoof, he spawns a ton of small demons. Our warlock worked on those while the two tanks worked on Illhoof and his co-hort. Occasionally someone in the party will be sacrificed with Demon Chains. It puts a big DOT on them so it is good to have a targeting macro to target the Demon Chains and get them out of that. We got him on the second or third try.

We one-shotted Netherspite. His fight is a bit complicated with the beams and all, but we used a new strategy this time and it worked well. We keep a non-mana user in the green beam, and healers just dash into it to get full mana, tanks alternate in red beam, and dps'ers alternate in the blue beam.

Here is a picture from our Netherspite downing. (the dragon disappeared too soon)

I got the Rip Flayer Leggings from Netherspite. (I used my one Need Roll for the night) That was the only piece of hunter loot to drop during the night.

Also over the weekend I got my shadow priest, Dollah, from 63 to 65!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Try Try Try Again

Last night my guild and I tried to cleanup what was left in Kara. We began with Netherspite. And ended with him too. We learned a lot but just couldn't pull it off. I'm not sure if we are undergeared, inexperienced or uncoordinated. After several attempts we called it.

Then 5 of us jumped on our lvl 35ish characters and did the Library and Armory in Scarlet Monastery. That was fun. I brought my feral druid and was the tank. Only the second instance that I have tanked with him. I really haven't played this druid in many many months. It was a challenge to re-learn him and hold aggro with a bunch of raiders on their lowbies!

Not many deaths and I think we did well.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hunzul's Possible Badge of Justice Item list

Here is a temporary list of the items I am thinking of buying with my badges of justice for Hunzul. It is in priority order.

  1. Shifting Camoflage Pants - 75 Badges (my new Rip Flayer Leggings are better than these.)
  2. Steadying Bracers - 35 Badges
  3. Ring of Arathi Warlords - 25 Badges
  4. Gauntlets of Sniping - 60 Badges

Items I have already gotten from my BOJ


Karazhan Walking Tour

I found a cool walking tour of the beginning of Karazhan on Flickr today. There are no mobs or bosses in the pictures, but it can be useful to familiarize yourself with the layout and help a bit from getting lost in the place.


Another Kara Run

I went to Kara with my new guild Asgard on Hunzul last night. No, I didn't get any purple drops. Most of them were healing or leather. The Beastmaw Pauldrons dropped again in the Opera event. I already had them. Another hunter took them. This time we got Oz. Oz was much easier this time I think since we had a warlock to fear the lion (Roar). So far for the opera event I have only gotten Oz and the Big Bad Wolf. On this first night of Kara we got through Attumen, Moroes, and Maiden. We will start up again on Friday.

I didn't draw aggro and cause a wipe this time at all. I was a bit nervous, so I would make sure the tank got a few sunders on the target before sending in my pet and attacking.

Deressy was very happy this night as she got three drops. She got the Ruby Slippers from The Crone, Idol of Avian Heart from Moroes, and the Shard of the Virtuous from the Maiden of Virtue.

Next time I am planning to bring a different pet though. One of the other hunters there has the exact same cat model. It makes it a bit hard to tell whether my cat is out attacking or not. I think I'll bring my battle-chicken.

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