Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Netherspite and Illhoof Down

Last night we had our clean up run of Kara for the week. This time we cleared Prince, Illhoof and Netherspite. Netherspite and Illhoof were firsts for us! Woo Hoo! I think I did pretty well. Only pulled inadvertently thus wiping us once.

Prince is often just a matter of luck as to where the infernals drop. We had a good luck on the third try.

When you do Illhoof, he spawns a ton of small demons. Our warlock worked on those while the two tanks worked on Illhoof and his co-hort. Occasionally someone in the party will be sacrificed with Demon Chains. It puts a big DOT on them so it is good to have a targeting macro to target the Demon Chains and get them out of that. We got him on the second or third try.

We one-shotted Netherspite. His fight is a bit complicated with the beams and all, but we used a new strategy this time and it worked well. We keep a non-mana user in the green beam, and healers just dash into it to get full mana, tanks alternate in red beam, and dps'ers alternate in the blue beam.

Here is a picture from our Netherspite downing. (the dragon disappeared too soon)

I got the Rip Flayer Leggings from Netherspite. (I used my one Need Roll for the night) That was the only piece of hunter loot to drop during the night.

Also over the weekend I got my shadow priest, Dollah, from 63 to 65!

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