Saturday, December 15, 2007


For my first post on my new WOW blog, I thought I would explain a little. I started playing WOW back in 2006. Kinda late in the game's life, but before the Burning Crusade expansion. I played it on and off learning as I went. My wife didn't play then, so I mostly played while on travel, or while she worked on other stuff or played BZFlag. By June of 2007, my main was 64, and my two closest alts were in their 50's. That is when my wife joined me and we started playing together. By October 2007, we both had new level 70 characters! Essy, is her rogue, and Hunzul is my Hunter. She also had a high level 60's Druid, Deressy. Who has now made it to 70.

Needless to say, my play time has increased since my wife started playing with me. We both like the interaction that we get, and the fun problem solving of the game.

As you can see from the lists of my characters on the side bar and the footer, I have a lot of alts. Eventually the plan is to run one of each class up to max rank.

I like them all, but I would say my favorite right now is Hunzul. He is a beastmaster hunter. I really like being a hunter. I have got Hunzul's Kara key but he hasn't started raiding yet.

Mozul, my warrior is now at 70 as well and I am prepping him to be a protection warrior for raids.

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