Tuesday, March 4, 2008

VoidReaver Down

Last night my guild went to TK to try to kill VoidReaver. We did it! It was by no means a one-shot, but we killed him on our first night trying it! If you try this with your guild I highly recommend that you have all your guild install VoidReaverAlarm. This addon will help your ranged people avoid being blown up by the arcane balls.

This time I went with Dollah, my Shadow Priest. I had been encouraged to bring her up to raiding-ready since there are so many hunters in my guild. We farmed a lot last week to get all the lvl 70 crafted items that a shadow priest wears and now she is over 1000 bonus shadow damage. It is pretty fun playing her. A lot different than a hunter. I like it.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dollah Hits 70

Well now I have three level 70 characters. Hunzul is a beastmaster hunter, Mozul is a protection warrior, and now my third is Dollah a shadow priest. I had been working on leveling her up on this business trip and yesterday I hit 70. Woo hoo. She already has her first fragment of the Kara key, now on to work on the next and gearing her up. I really like playing her in the instances. It is similar but different from my hunter. Not as much CC needed since she can only shackle undead. Controlling aggro is different too. She has fade, but that is not as good as a hunter's feign death. I have to watch that a bit more.

I am working on her frozen shadoweave set. I already have two of the pieces, just have to finish the robe and then gem them.

An interesting thing about Dollah is that during her leveling at times I leveled her by simply grinding on mobs. So Dollah hit 70 without ever going to Blades Edge mountains or Netherstorm. I did start the quests in Shadowmoon Valley however. Now she can do all those quests for the gold. Which she will need for her epic flyer. I had enough to buy her the regular flyer right away. I am also thinking of doing the quest chain to open up the Ogrila daily quests before I start the Blades Edge quests. It should make those ogre quests easy.